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Barbara Boldt - Canadian Artist - Fort Langley BC Canada



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WEB ARTICLE: Historical Women: Female Artists in Canada

Kate Cino of has published web series titled, Historical Women: Female Artists in Canada,  of which Barbara is the fourth to be commemorated.

The article may be viewed here:


Barbara Boldt - Original Art Gallery - Artist in Fort Langley British Columbia  - Canada"Since 1975, Barbara has been a dedicated painter, creating memorable images of British Columbia's unique landscape".

From her successful series "EarthPatterns" to her local images and floral work, Barbara focuses on the ever changing face of Nature's creations.

Barbara Boldt brings a rich life experience and understanding to her pastel and oil paintings. She invites you to share in her work through this site - feedback is appreciated and please remember that all works are copyrighted.

Barbara Boldt's Studio, located at 25340 84th Avenue, is in Glen Valley, 5 min. from beautiful Fort Langley BC, Canada.

View Map for directions from Fort Langley.

For more information, please call 604.888.5490


The woods and wildflower fields of my childhood still live in my memories and give rise to the paintings I do.

Nature, unspoiled by human intervention, wild things growing where they must, give me endless inspiration and material for my landscape art.

I feel close to the earth, her cycles and natural designs.

Painting sandstone formations, my “Earthpatterns” series, helps to feed my ongoing fascination with Nature's abstract forms, fulfills my need to “sculpt” a painting. I marvel at the power of the elements which have created unbelievable vistas along the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

I am a realist in life and in my work, being guided by Henry David Thoreau's words in “Walden”:

“The more the painter invents the further he takes us from the world which actually exists; and to that extent he may even encourage us in the alienation from the real.”

All my works are originals, each one of a kind.


PLACES OF HER HEART: The Art and Life of Barbara Boldt.

by K. Jane Watt PHD (historian & wordsmith), in conversation with Barbara Boldt.

The book is now available on

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Barbara Boldt: Places Of Her Heart: Book Cover, Original Art